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When you give to the Hunger & Homeless Coalition of Collier County you’re changing lives.

Through the Coalition’s community leadership we have successfully networked more food pantries together reducing the food deserts throughout Collier County. Donors can see the direct impact of their giving through the services provided by the food pantries. Their giving means families, seniors on limited income, and Veterans can focus on maintaining housing or getting to shelter support programs that can help them weather the storm of homelessness.

The Coalition’s community-driven data system allows pantries to connect their services both from a permanent location and a mobile outreach team. Your SUPPORT means people can access more food resources!

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With your support the Coalition is building a community-based network of health, mental health, shelter, education, and housing resources. Permanent supportive housing is affordable rental housing that includes services which support residents in improving their quality of life. It is often for people who are homeless and have difficulties getting and keeping housing. Very low-income households might have only enough money to pay for the basics; sometimes that means a choice between needed prescriptions, food, or paying the rent.

We need your continued support to strategically plan for growth in these and many other needed human services in Collier County.