CoC Application

Under the leadership of the Collaborative Applicant the CoC prepares the application to HUD for funding and establishes funding priorities for its geographic area when submitting the application.  The Collaborative Application also provides leadership and guidance to Project Applicants during the application process.

FY 2015 CoC Project Priority List

The Continuum of Care of Collier County received the recommendations of the Ranking & Review Subcommittee to accept the following project applications for inclusion with the CoC’s FY2015 Consolidated Application.  The CoC ranked renewals and new projects for funding under the permanent housing bonus as follows:

  1. One Family at a Time, Rapid Re-Housing (Renewal), Youth Haven View Application
  2. The Shelter Transitional Housing, Transitional Housing (Renewal), The Shelter for Abused Women & Children View Application
  3. HMIS (Renewal), Hunger & Homeless Coalition of Collier County View Application
  4. First Place, Rapid Re-Housing (New/Permanent Housing Bonus), Youth Haven View Application
  5. CASL Permanent Supportive Housing (New/Permanent Housing Bonus), CASL/Renaissance Manor View Application

The CoC Planning Project, Hunger & Homeless Coalition of  Collier County, was accepted but not ranked.  View Application

All parts of the CoC Application, including the CoC Project Priority Listing with all project applications accepted and ranked, or rejected, are available for inspection upon completion.  Click this link to view the Project Priority List.

FY 2016 CoC Application

The CoC of Collier County has completed the registrationfor funding under the Continuum of Care Program. The Grant Inventory Worksheet has been submitted for approval.  The issuance of the Consolidated Application NOFA is expected to be released soon.