Michael Overway, Executive Director

Nadja Joseph, CRN/HMIS Administrator

Mitch Watson, Coordinated Services Director

Aubrey Shirk, Housing Specialist & Homeless Prevention Coordinator


Bonnie Seargeant, Grants Administrator

Spencer Hibdon, Coordinated Entry Specialist

Angie Falcone, Administrative Assistant



Hope Stormm, Data Entry Specialist

Hope Stormm is a HMIS Data Entry Specialist for the Hunger & Homeless Coalition of Collier County. Hope is responsible for the creation, maintenance, performance monitoring, and organization of new and existing databases. Hope analyzes, corrects, and interprets raw data for internal and external purposes so that it may be used in both feedback and applications for the organization. Hope has a history in disaster relief and has lived in experience with the homeless community.Hope strives to continuously evolve data management and maintenance in an ever-changing landscape by adapting new tools and software solutions to extract valuable insights into our community.