The FY 2016 CoC Program Competition is Now Open

As we begin preparation of the 2016 Consolidated Application for Continuum of Care Homeless Assistance Programs, prospective Project Applicants are encouraged to review the 2016 Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA). We invite you to attend the meetings of the CoC where we will begin to formulate local funding priorities outlined in the NOFA and as well, local priorities identified previously by the CoC.

LOCAL DETAILS AND TIMETABLE – FL 606, Naples/Collier County CoC

It is critically important that existing project applicants and those considering application familiarize themselves with the NOFA and the details and processes outlined below.  Please review this information carefully.

The Naples/Collier County CoC will have an Annual Renewal Demand of $299,792 comprised of the following projects:

Hunger & Homeless Coalition of Collier County         $  99,662
The Shelter for Abused Women & Children                  $107,795
Youth Haven, Inc.                                                                $  92,335

Annual Renewal Demand (ARD)          $299,792

All of these projects are subject to review and ranking, and project applicants must submit renewal applications through e-snaps.

There are two ways that we can create new projects:

1)   Reallocation of funds away from one of the existing projects to propose:

  1. New permanent supportive housing dedicated to chronically homeless,
  2. New rapid re-housing projects serving individuals and families coming directly from the streets or
    emergency shelters, including persons fleeing domestic violence or human trafficking,
  3. Supportive Services specific to centralized/coordinated assessment, or,
  4. New dedicated Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) projects.

2)    Use of Permanent Housing Bonus funds to propose one of the following:

  1.   New permanent supportive housing projects that will serve 100% chronically homeless, or,
  2. New Rapid Re-housing projects that will serve individuals and families coming directly from the streets or
    emergency shelters, including persons fleeing domestic violence or human trafficking.

HUD has established a different Tier System again this year, with Tier 1being 93% of the ARD, and Tier 2 being 7% of the ARD plus a permanent supportive housing bonus of 5% of the region’s Final Pro-Rata Need (FPRN).

This means that $278,806 of the renewal projects will be in Tier 1, and $20,985 of the renewal projects will be in Tier 2. Which project will fall partially in Tier 2 will be determined by the review committee’s ranking.   The 5% Bonus amount would allow for one or two new rapid re-housing or permanent supportive housing project(s).

The NOFA this year also stresses that applicants should demonstrate the capacity to carry out any proposed project, and must evidence appropriate expenditure rates for existing projects.  Here at the CoC Lead Agency, we will begin reviewing CoC documents and policies, and will likely seek further input from the CoC as work proceeds on the main Collaborative Application.


7/7        Local details released

7/14      Executive Committee Meeting (Iberia Bank 5247 Golden Gate Parkway @ 3 p.m.-4:30 pm)

7/15      Overview Project Priorities Expectations – Section 2, 3 of NOFA
(Iberia Bank 5247 Golden Gate Parkway @ 11 am – 1 pm)

8/9        Deadline for Questions

8/12      Project Application Due in HUD e-snaps portal

8/15      Project Proposals to Reviewers

8/22      NOON – Reviewers scores due to HHC

8/22      Projects sent to Ranking and Review Committee for Funding Priority Recommendations

8/25      CoC Membership Meeting  – Ranking & Review Committee Funding Recommendations for Approval (Location TBD)

8/30      Notify Project Applicants

9/1        Application Work Session (United Way of Collier County 3 pm – 5pm)

9/14      HUD Submission Deadline 7:59 PM

Note that all times are Eastern Daylight Time.  Any changes in this schedule will be posted on the Hunger & Homeless Coalition of Collier County website at

The question period will begin with the Overview Meeting on July 15, and will continue through Tuesday, August 9, as noted above.  Q&A’s from the Overview Meeting will be provided to all attendees, and will be posted to the webpage previously mentioned.  After that meeting, all questions must be submitted in writing only to the Executive Director at

Summer Meal SiteSummer is here!  The snowbirds are nestled into their homes up north.  That means many local families will work fewer hours and many others will be laid off.  The kids will be out of school soon and children who were provided meals at school will be eating at home straining family budgets.  Summer meal sites and food pantries help families survive the lean summer months.

We are compiling a list of meal sites and food pantries available this summer in Collier County.  This helpful resource will be available to community members and providers.

Can you help us gather this information?  Please click on this link to complete a very short survey sharing information about your summer meal or pantry program.

On knowing where the love is

Last week I was asked to speak to a group of elementary school kids about homelessness.  I’m a parent, so I thought I was prepared to talk frankly to kids about a tough issue.

k kids logo(1)

My years of day-to-day parenting are behind me, but I’ve navigated through some challenging terrain—and not just “stranger danger,” the “sex talk,” and “say no to drugs.”  Thanks to MTV’s The Real World series, I discussed misogyny with my 14 year old daughter.  New technologies engendered new problems and together we walked through the minefield of instant messaging, texting (and, gasp, sexting!), and social media.  Surely I could handle 5 or 10 minutes on homelessness.

I was woefully unprepared.

Standing in front of that classroom at 3 pm on a Wednesday afternoon, I had lots of questions, but few answers.  Navigating without a map, with my feeble questions and their honest responses, we made our way to LOVE.

I reassured them that they would always be cared for because they have family and friends who love them.  If ever the love of their family and friends isn’t enough, I told them, they are lucky to live in a community where people show their love by giving to and helping others.  Because of the love of strangers, they will always be cared for.  Finally, I heaped praise on them for showing their love to children who they may never know or meet.

Children are kind.  They want to help others.  They can make the journey and share the love.  These kids are collecting socks and underwear for children experiencing homelessness.  I’m proud to know the loving and generous K-Kids of Laurel Oak and their Northside Naples Kiwanis Club mentors.

Collier 2-1-1: A Link to Naples Residents

Each month approximately 200 callers—many with nowhere else to turn—receive vital information and referral to screened and approved human service organizations.  A call log also provides valuable information that allows the United Way and others to assess greatest community needs and target resources.

Collier 211 logo

Collier 2-1-1, a United Way administered federally designated phone number, works like 9-1-1, but is for non-emergency calls.  It utilizes state-of-the-art technology and expertise to connect callers telephonically to services in Collier County.  Individuals, families, and businesses receive comprehensive telephone crisis counseling and information and referral services 24-hours a day, 365-days a year in multiple languages to serve our diverse community.  In some areas of Collier County 2-1-1 direct dial in unavailable.  However, the seven digit number 263-4211 connects callers in all areas.

Community awareness of 2-1-1 is crucial for its success and effectiveness.  Please help by spreading the word to those in need, those with a friend or relative in need, and those who offer assistance to others in need.  You can also help by adding a Collier 2-1-1 link to your website, embedding it in your newsletter, and displaying 2-1-1 fliers in your place of business.  Visit the 2-1-1 website to register your organization and to download fliers.  For additional materials or to arrange for a 2-1-1 informational presentation, phone the United Way of Collier County at (239) 261-7112.

With your help, Collier 2-1-1 will only improve with time!

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