HMIS Lead Agency Needed

The Collier County Continuum of Care (CoC) is in need of an agency to become the HMIS Lead for the May 1, 2015-April 30, 2016 contract year. Catholic Charities Diocese of Venice informed the Hunger & Homeless Coalition of its decision to step down as HMIS Lead for the Collier County Continuum of Care (CoC).  While willing to supervise the project, Catholic Charities can no longer shoulder the burden of the $25,000 match requirement necessary for it to continue as HMIS Lead.  Catholic Charities of Collier County will continue as HMIS Lead through its current contractual term ending April 30, 2015. On behalf of the CoC the Hunger & Homeless Coalition would like to thank Catholic Charities for its HMIS oversight and past financial support.


The CoC Program Application must be submitted to HUD no later than October 30, 2014.  Thus, identifying an agency with the capacity and willingness to assume the role of HMIS Lead is an urgent matter before the CoC.  The Hunger & Homeless Coalition, as the lead entity for the CoC, is working with its Board of Directors and the HUD Miami Field Office to identify options.  In the meantime, the CoC invites agencies with the capacity and willingness to manage HMIS to consider filling this key vacancy.  The approved level of funding is $99,662 and there is a 25% cash or in-kind match requirement.


Interested organizations should contact Angela Fisher, Executive Director of the Hunger & Homeless Coalition at 239-263-9363 or for further information

Continuum of Care Governance Charter

The Collier County CoC has completed the final draft of its governance charter and welcomes comment from its members and the public.  Interested persons can review the Final Draft Governance Charter and provide comment to no later than September 30, 2014.

2014 Point-In-Time Count of Homelessness in Collier County


2014 PIT Count HeaderThe 2014 Point-In-Time (PIT) Count of Homelessness in Collier County was conducted the night of January 23, 2014.  The PIT count, conducted nationwide during the last weeks of January each year, provides an annual snapshot of homelessness on a single night.  In Collier County, teams of volunteers join forces with local human services and homeless providers, to conduct surveys among those who are experiencing homelessness.

The data collected allow us to better understand the characteristics and needs of those experiencing homelessness and plan programs that will best help prevent homelessness, reduce the length of homelessness, and reduce returns to homelessness.  The data are submitted to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  HUD submits the PIT reports to Congress with other data on homelessness in the Annual Homelessness Assessment Report (AHAR).  The AHAR helps Congress in funding decisions for homeless services programs.

The Hunger & Homeless Coalition prepares an Annual Fact Sheet on homelessness.  Click on the picture above or go to LEARN MORE for the 2014 Fact Sheet.

Collier 2-1-1: A Link to Naples Residents

In February 2012, the people of Collier County received a new service, Collier 2-1-1 information and referral system, a Community Foundation of Collier County initiative supported by many community partners.  It is now two years later and United Way of Collier County has assumed management of this important community resource.

Each month approximately 200 callers—many with nowhere else to turn—receive vital information and referral to screened and approved human service organizations.  A call log also provides valuable information that allows the United Way and others to assess greatest community needs and target resources.

Collier 211 logo

Collier 2-1-1, a United Way administered federally designated phone number, works like 9-1-1, but is for non-emergency calls.  It utilizes state-of-the-art technology and expertise to connect callers telephonically to services in Collier County.  Individuals, families, and businesses receive comprehensive telephone crisis counseling and information and referral services 24-hours a day, 365-days a year in multiple languages to serve our diverse community.  In some areas of Collier County 2-1-1 direct dial in unavailable.  However, the seven digit number 263-4211 connects callers in all areas.

Community awareness of 2-1-1 is crucial for its success and effectiveness.  Please help by spreading the word to those in need, those with a friend or relative in need, and those who offer assistance to others in need.  You can also help by adding a Collier 2-1-1 link to your website, embedding it in your newsletter, and displaying 2-1-1 fliers in your place of business.  Visit the 2-1-1 website to register your organization and to download fliers.  For additional materials or to arrange for a 2-1-1 informational presentation, phone Roby Quataert at the United Way of Collier County at (239) 261-7112.

With your help, Collier 2-1-1 will only improve with time!

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